Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can You Carry 14 Concrete Pavers With Ease???

Here goes the first product review...

I found what is called brick tongs used mainly by masons. I figured they might work for concrete pavers as well so I ordered a pair.

Whenever we get stuck in a position where we have to carry pavers from point A to point B without a skid steer we just stack em up and lean them against our torso for balance as we walk. Eveyone that has laid pavers has done this and had them shift and fall. Hopefully you had your steelies on. I found a tool that makes hand carrying pavers EASY!

I came across these paver tongs in a masons magazine a long time ago so I bought a pair to test out. I had the perfect job. A residential patio that was fenced in and gates too narrow for a spider or skid steer to place pallets. We couldn't pull a section of fence so we were stuck hand carrying them from gate to rear (fortunatly I knew this before the quote so I built the labor into the cost).The pavers were Dark Holland type pavers, the clean kind you dont want to heap into a wheelbarrel and get banged up.

These tongs allowed each guy to grab 14 pavers with a quick lean of the stack. Hand carry them and set them softly to the ground. You can carry them at arms length so the weight is on resting on your bones and you don't have to muscle them around. Your chest and your chin do not get scratched up and you don't risk crushing fingers when setting them down. You also do not have to bend over as far to pick up or set down.

These tongs really save bodies and make labor quicker when hand carrying pavers. For $20 each I would highly recomend getting a couple sets per crew.
Leave a comment if you have used these and let everyone know what you think. Also, check back often for more product and equipment reviews that will make your life easier and save labor!


  1. Very cool idea, this blog, Greg! Keep it up.

    I like the carriers, myself. It keeps from shredding clothes and hands.

  2. Good point. You will not tear through gloves until you start laying the pavers.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Definately going to have to check those out

  4. They are a real life saver!!!